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Edwiser Forms Plugin


Form Templates – Add forms anywhere painlessly

Form building is super-simplified now. The 7 ready to use form templates could be used anywhere in Moodle™ software in just a few clicks to create dynamic and smart forms. Create unlimited form types as per your preferences without investing time in coding using existing templates.

Easy Embedding – Quick feedback on course activity

There are absolutely no placement constraints when it comes to adding your forms on your LMS. Edwiser Forms offers enough flexibility to add your forms on a page, a Moodle™ activity, or anywhere on your site.

Add Form as an Activity (Pro)

Edwiser Forms lets you add a custom feedback form as part of a course, which helps in getting the right information at the right place.

Contact Form

New visitors and existing users might have some queries related to the courses and your platform in general. A contact form gives your users an easy way to connect with you and a convenient option to message their concerns right away.

Course enrollment form (Pro)

You might want to gather some student-specific details before they enroll in your courses. This way, once the learners are successfully enrolled in the course you could add them to a certain group or category of users based on the course they have joined. This helps you organize your learners based on their course preferences.

User Registration Form (Pro)

Need more flexibility in the registration process? Want to gather details that cannot be achieved using the Standard Sign up form of Moodle™ software? With Edwiser Forms PRO you can create a custom registration form with multiple additional form fields of your choice.

Custom Login Form (Pro)

Use a custom login form instead of the standard Moodle™ login form. You have the flexibility to work with various form fields that are a part of Edwiser Forms.

Feedback Form

You need a good feedback system to assess learners’ progress, act on learner inputs, and identify potential areas of improvement. Asking for feedback not only helps you create better courses but also keeps your students happy.

Subscription Form

This is a no-brainer! With this form, you can get a list of users who have shown interest in your e-Learning site. You can get these qualified leads to engage with your platform by sending out promotional content, email newsletters, and blog updates.

Custom made Form (Pro)

Create an induction form or a survey or any other custom form you need. You can easily create a form specific to your e-learning requirements on your LMS.

Multi-Page Forms (Pro)

Edwiser Forms lets you create multi-page forms, letting your users share their thoughts in a systematic manner. It eliminates boring, never-ending form scrolling. Long forms are divided into multiple pages to simplify the form-filling task for your e-learners. It is easy to access the information submitted across multiple pages, on one page in your backend.

Instant Notifications

Edwiser Forms sends you an email notification whenever any user fills a form. Data management is effortless as you can view and analyze all form data from one place.

Support for File Uploads (Pro)

The file upload field offers users the ability to upload a file type through the form. The perfect solution to easily acquire all the student information you need. Your students can attach images, videos, hyperlinked text, etc as additional information to support or refine their submitted response. Edwiser Forms support most file types.

Form Fields on Conditional Logic (Pro)

Add smart form fields that come up according to the user’s previous choices, giving them a personalized experience. The form fields will dynamically change/show/hide in response to different types of user inputs so that multiple possibilities can be explored in a single form.

Form Entry Management (Pro)

Form entry management is easier as all the form entries are consolidated in one place along with the option to download the details with few simple clicks.

Download Form entries (Pro)

Form entries reveal a great deal of information about your learners. Make the most of this information that directly points to user interests and other details about user-persona collected through your marketing channels. This data can be extracted in Excel as well as CSV format.

Branding and Personalization (Pro)

You can take your branding a few notches higher with Edwiser Forms. The plugin lets you customize forms by its font, colors, field names, and more to give users a personalized experience.

Spam Protection

Edwiser Forms Plugin is well equipped to tackle spambots. All your entries are guaranteed to be authentic.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Edwiser Forms are compatible with all popular Moodle™ software themes, browsers, and devices easing access and improving convenience for every user.

Responsive Layouts

Edwiser Forms fit and function well into all types of devices – we’ve made sure the form in optimally displayed to make entry easy on mobile devices.


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