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Vimeo for Moodle plugin integration


Vimeo for Moodle plugin

This wonderful Vimeo for Moodle plugin gives Moodle administrator the option to provide video pages where the students can view their course videos.

  • Connect Moodle to your Vimeo account.
  • Theme opens course folders in Vimeo.
  • Admin upload course video to Vimeo and students can view it on Moodle.
  • The theme can connect also to the institute server.
  • Beautiful page layout


In the theme user guide you have the full instructions about how to create the Vimeo app, how to import the app credentials and where to set them in the Moodle settings video page.

Once you connected the app, the theme will open new course folders folders in your Vimeo account. All videos that upload to the course folder are now presented in the course video page! and guess what, with their name and uploading date.

The theme provides a link  to the Video page where you can share it in the course main page. Your students will be able to inter the video page using this link.

Enjoy awesome video page design with interactive user experience. With the new Vimeo for Moodle plugin you can be sure that your students will visit their courses more often.

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  1. Tim ghan

    Works very well. Hope that you will upgrade to have more coloration outings…

  2. Nazir surah

    this is very nice looking! very easy to operate… thank you!!

  3. Roy Storner

    nice theme!!!

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