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WhatsApp For Moodle Plugin - students


WhatsApp For Moodle Plugin  Students Version.

A  fast and easy WhatsApp for Moodle plugin for student’s connection with new and amazing features. The following list shows a few of the innovations:

  • Hovering the WhatsApp button on every page.
  • Open the student his teacher list.
  • Send text, images, videos, and files directly to your teacher’s WhatsApp.
  • Screenshot your course page and show teachers your location.
  • Create and send short videos to get help from your teacher.
  • All WhatsApp web options with many more emoji packs.


With the new WhatsApp for Moodle plugin, the Student version allows easy communication with teachers, administration, and system admin. Students can ask academic questions and can show teachers where they need help by using the location option and many more effective tools.

This plugin shows the students only the teachers of the courses they enroll in and can contact them on every moodle page.

Upcoming updates for WhatsApp for Moodle

Moodle admin is a part of every conversation and with our coming upgrade system, the admin will be able to issue reports of the teacher’s response time.

With the new update, we will bring more communication options.  WhatsApp plugin is not only for students, but can also be used for customer service for visitors and potential students.

If you like to know about our extensive WhatsApp for Moodle plugin, institution version we invite you to check it at the following link.

plugin costs

Our WhatsApp for for students plugin cost is based on the number of your moodle system users.

Every user account ads 3,000 more users to the overall communication.

For example, a faculty with 9,000 system users (students, teachers & administration staff), will need to have 3 accounts to include all its users in the WhatsApp for Moodle platform.

Account cost is 99 usd per month.

You can stop your subscription at any time.

Do you like to have a yearly subscription at a monthly lower cost? contact us to get our premium plans at

We hope you enjoy it.

like to have our full WhatApp for institutions plugin to have a full students WhatsApp communication? check this out.



  1. Tami Borg

    this is some plugin – the screen recorder is so nice!!

  2. ‪Ron Magal

    saved us a lot of work time for our admins communicating with our users

  3. Noor Sabida

    got good feedback from students!! recommended!

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