Regular Price :

$100 / month

  • Included: Quality checked by Mood Lms
  • Included: Future updates
  • Included: Plugin Support
  • Included: Manual guide
  Extend support to 12 months $16

WhatsApp for Moodle plugins - institutions


Moodle communication with WhatsApp – Institution Version

  • WhatsApp Moodle plugins have an easy and fast installation.
  • Beautiful management panel
  • Auto-add enroll students to WhatsApp course group
  • Auto open new WhatsApp group to new courses
  • Join WhatsApp group button block
  • Multiple groups and user selection
  • Search users by course ID
  • Search groups by departments and categories
  • All WhatsApp web options with many emoji packs

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So, with the new WhatsApp Moodle plugins you can manage your communication with your students. There are many good reasons why to use WhatsApp for Moodle.

plugin costs

Our WhatsApp for institutions plugin cost is based on the number of accounts your institution needs. .

Every user account:

A. Can connect one phone number with Api to the Moodle system

B. Adds 3,000 more users to the overall communication.

For example, a faculty with 9,000 system users (students, teachers & administration staff), will need to have 3 accounts to include all its users in the WhatsApp for Moodle platform.

Account cost is 100 usd per month.

Connected phone number gives the account owner the option of managing the communication with his/her students via WhatsApp (managing his/her course groups, opening new groups, sending bulk messages and more).- All these are done within our Moodel plugin

Main Moodle system admin sets up the split of users and groups between accounts.

  • Groups –  unlimited – system admim can open a group to every course and independent groups as well with no limit!
  • Students & Teachers –  unlimited – all registered users are connected to this plugin.
  • Massages –  unlimited – send bulk messages to your students – no limit
A new and unique and efficient platform for teachers and Institutions.

if you like to see our student communication widget? check this link

need help to install the plugin? check this user guide we have made for you.



  1. Troy from Brazil

    Monthly price but worth every penny… good job…

  2. Barbara

    how can I contact the support?

  3. Dror Naftlai

    this plugin is very helpful.

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