WhatsApp for Moodle plugins – institutions
Institution Version - WhatsApp system connection on Moodle Admin panel

WhatsApp For Moodle Plugin – students
Students Version - WhatsApp students connection to Moodle smart new features

Vimeo for Moodle plugin integration
Vimeo video page - conect your Vimeo or server to Moodle

Space – Responsive Premium Moodle Theme
Space Moodle Theme is made for Academy, College, School, University,

URBAN alternate LMS login
Urban is an alternate LMS login for Moodle platforms.

File Upload – Moodle User Profiles
create custom profile fields to allow users to upload their resume,

Moodle Site Policy Manager
Moodle Site Manager is a local Moodle plugin to create/edit a site policy

Course-Complex – Course Marketplace Moodle Plugin
It provides all the features and user experience of any standard marketplace

Moodle Support Service Subscription
Moodle services - technical support, Moodle development, storage and more

Lambda – Responsive Moodle Theme
Theme Lambda for Moodle – 100% responsive with a clean and sharp design